Thursday, 16 September 2010

latest tunes getting rinsed

after my dnb coused some hype im going to be covering latest relaeses and some heavy producers, so watch keep watching this blog and be generous. i really didnt know so many people on here liked a bit of DnB

the are the latest tunes ive been rinsing out,

this ones by dj pleasure and origin- tick fa tack and watch for the second drop.

next one is by distorted minds-thief, if you have a subwoofer watch out because this track will shake your house. if you cant feel the bass your missing out.

this one is exactly the same, too much bass and some heavy drums, its lemon d-shooks.

hope you enjoy more jump up DRUM & BASS.

Tuesday, 7 September 2010


i thought i sould do a drum and bass blog so you can get down while you support the cause.

ill start with dj hazard, he's been killing it recently with some big tunes, he's also producing on the names vague, dirty harry and hazard.

this tunes called hazard-physcadelic its being released on playaz:

this next one he's produced on the name vague-play the game just been released on playaz, vague is the name he's just been producing under so any releases will be on playaz:

this one is a naughty tune by hazard released on playaz 'killer dont die':

these are just a few, theres loads more big tunes from hazard, he's absolutely killin the game rigth now.

some more tunes are: pimpin aint easy, platinum shadows, against the clock, big business, 0121 vip, tactics, dont be a hero vip and super drunk.